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Outluk Wedding Lucknowi Vol-7 Wholesale Mens Kurta With Pajama

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Product Code Outluk Wedding Lucknowi Vol-7 Wholesale Mens Kurta With Pajama
Catelog pieces 7
Full Catelog Price ₹9765
Price Per piece ₹1395
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*Outluk Added Wedding Collection Series New Designs in Pintex lakhnowi Work Kurta Pajama*

 Catalog Name: *Outluk Wedding Collection Vol 7*

🔸 Fabric Details 🔸

▪Kurta Fabric :- Heavy Cotton Digital Print with *Lakhnowi*, Sequance, Thread and Pintex Work

▪Pajama Fabric :- Art Silk

▪Total Design:- 7 pcs

▪Size:- 38,40,42,44

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